Ink and Spindle | Potch | A Blend of Ethical, Fairtrade or Local

Ink and Spindle

We are very excited to be stocking these beautiful products from Ink & Spindle.
Hand-printed designs on ethically sourced textiles. They produce timeless designs that take inspiration from Australia’s flora and fauna. We were very attracted to their delicate designs and beautiful use of colour that will suit a variety of home styles.

Ink & Spindle love working within the limitations of screen printing and hand printing, with all of their designs requiring only one or two colour separations. They use overprinting, screen flips and displacements to create beautiful results from only a single screen.

Design is one great aspect, but these guys are also an environmentally conscious company operating within the following best practices (to name but a few):
Use of sustainable, organic, fairtrade base textiles.
Use of water based, solvent free inks.
Offset carbon emissions through carbon neutral schemes.