Henri Kuikens | Potch | A Blend of Ethical, Fairtrade or Local

Henri Kuikens

After searching high and low for beautiful textiles these were one of our favourites. These beauties are designed, hand block printed and sewn by Henri Kuikens of Cape Town. This womans talent knows no bounds being an incredible illustrator too.

Jesse is fascinated by overlaying blocks in different arrangements: what began as an exercise in pattern design has become an exhilarating exploration of colour, rhythm, and texture. Exploiting the versatility of block printing, single symmetrical motifs are combined in different arrangements to create an almost infinite number of unique designs.  Each design is named by the tastes (and smells) they evoke. Fabrics are sourced locally, and are cotton, linen, or hemp blends. Her relief prints are printed by hand, either by burnishing or on an old book press. 

These cushions are made in limited edition print runs, so these are very unique and special.

Keep an eye on our blog for for new designs.

Will fit a 45 x 45cm cushion (cushion not provided).