Bambu | Potch | A Blend of Ethical, Fairtrade or Local


Bambu products are a wonderful balance of modern design & durability whilst sourcing materials and skilled craftsmanship locally from woodworkers to weavers and stitchers. Here we represent two products; kitchen utensils and bowls made from bamboo and hemp textiles.

All the bamboo used is Certified organic and Bambu work within fairtrade working practices and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The bamboo grows and is harvested from wild groves, not from farmed plantations. The fact that they don't use fertilisers or pesticides also protects the farmers whom they work with. From harvest to home, natural and chemical-free. Lightweight and stronger than wood. Stain resistant and microbial. 

Bambu have been working with the craftspeople of Vietnam for over 10 years. The Bambu bowls use a centuries old craft called coiling that is unique to Vietnam. The Yen Tien village in the Nam Dinh province in Northern Vietnam are home to master coilers Van Cong, his wife Thi Hong and their daughter Anh Hong. The family coil the bamboo forms to subsidise their rice farming.

The Bambu utensils are in their own workshop in Mulan. The organic bamboo materials come from surrounding forests. The utensils are the first and only bamboo utensils to have earnt the National Organic Program (NOP) Certification. No glue or lacers are used, the utensils are cut from a single piece of bamboo, hand shaped and finished. Not made from laminates.

Bambu Hemp textiles use no pesticides due to the inherent properties of the plant itself; it has the ability to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Water quality is improved around plantations due to the non toxic run off the fields. Hemp is a cousin of Linen and looks and feels like it, it also softens with age. It is anti-microbial and mildew resistant. Bambu use a blend of hemp and Certified Organic cotton for their Hemp Denim products.