Babatree Baskets | Potch | A Blend of Ethical, Fairtrade or Local


Fairly traded African baskets from Babatree individually handmade, each one being totally unique. Delicious colourways and patterns.

We struggled to find really decent baskets that were well made and had the full fairtrade credentials. These have come through a recommendation and we are really excited to be able to share these marvelous baskets. Babatree work differently from other suppliers of these baskets; they pay weavers for what they bring when they bring them. Babatree offer all year round trading and pay the highest prices in Bolgatanga. Many of the weavers come to Babatree and sit under the trees weaving together, sharing knowledge and skills and developing their knowledge of market trends. For the time and skill involved in the creation of these baskets these are very good value for money and you can be assured that your purchase will help sustain a weaver and their family.

Any basket you buy will come with full details of the people who make them, how they are supported. They will also come flat packed, but are really not hard to re-shape (full instructions will be included).

Please note that stock can be affected by harvest / seasonal weather, we will advise as appropriate.