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Potch sources it's products from both the UK and across the World. All products are ethically produced and sourced and support projects that help people escape human trafficking, poverty and enable the artisans gain a sustainable living wage. Potch will continue to strive to source the best products for European design tastes whose credentials promote positive change to peoples lives.

ALICE PALACE: Eco friendly greeting cards and wrapping paper. Beautifully quirky designs printed on 100% recycled wrapping paper using vegetable based inks. Designed by UK illustrator Alice at Alice Palace founded in 2004. We just love these designs, they are so beautifully drawn with rich colours and with a great sense of fun. They are inspired by the things Alice loves and the things that make her feel happy – as Alice says: 'Curious illustrations and words to make you smile'. We hope you love them. Buy alongside your gifts from Potch for a complete gift. The quality of the paper is also something else making any gift very special. Alice Palace greeting cards are designed and produced here in the UK on FSC recycled card, and they are individually packed inside a clear biodegradable bag with a FSC recycled envelope. All of their orders are sent out in boxes that are collected and then reused from other businesses - Nearly all of their waste paper is recycled - their cards and wrap can be easily recycled; they don’t use foil, flitter, glitter or oil-based laminates. Her workshop is also run on renewable energy.

ARTISAN LIFE : Artisan Life helps to promote the traditional handicrafts of Colombian artisans to European markets. They work with artisans under fairtrade conditions and follow environmentally sustainable processes in sourcing and manufacture of their products.

BABATREE : Fairly traded African baskets from Babatree individually handmade, each one being totally unique. Delicious colourways and patterns. We struggled to find really decent baskets that were well made and had the full fairtrade credentials. These have come through a recommendation and we are really excited to be able to share these marvelous baskets. Babatree work differently from other suppliers of these baskets; they pay weavers for what they bring when they bring them. Babatree offer all year round trading and pay the highest prices in Bolgatanga. Many of the weavers come to Babatree and sit under the trees weaving together, sharing knowledge and skills and developing their knowledge of market trends. For the time and skill involved in the creation of these baskets these are very good value for money and you can be assured that your purchase will help sustain a weaver and their family. Any basket you buy will come with full details of the people who make them, how they are supported. They will also come flat packed, but are really not hard to re-shape (full instructions will be included). Please note that stock can be affected by harvest / seasonal weather, we will advise as appropriate.

BAMBU : Bambu products are a wonderful balance of modern design & durability whilst sourcing materials and skilled craftsmanship locally from woodworkers to weavers and stitchers. Here we represent two products; kitchen utensils and bowls made from bamboo and hemp textiles. All the bamboo used is Certified organic and Bambu work within fairtrade working practices and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. The bamboo grows and is harvested from wild groves, not from farmed plantations. The fact that they don't use fertilisers or pesticides also protects the farmers whom they work with. From harvest to home, natural and chemical-free. Lightweight and stronger than wood. Stain resistant and microbial. Bambu have been working with the craftspeople of Vietnam for over 10 years. The Bambu bowls use a centuries old craft called coiling that is unique to Vietnam. The Yen Tien village in the Nam Dinh province in Northern Vietnam are home to master coilers Van Cong, his wife Thi Hong and their daughter Anh Hong. The family coil the bamboo forms to subsidise their rice farming. The Bambu utensils are in their own workshop in Mulan. The organic bamboo materials come from surrounding forests. The utensils are the first and only bamboo utensils to have earnt the National Organic Program (NOP) Certification. No glue or lacers are used, the utensils are cut from a single piece of bamboo, hand shaped and finished. Not made from laminates. Bambu Hemp textiles use no pesticides due to the inherent properties of the plant itself; it has the ability to suppress the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi. Water quality is improved around plantations due to the non toxic run off the fields. Hemp is a cousin of Linen and looks and feels like it, it also softens with age. It is anti-microbial and mildew resistant. Bambu use a blend of hemp and Certified Organic cotton for their Hemp Denim products.

HENRI KUIKENS : After searching high and low for beautiful textiles these were one of our favourites. These beauties are designed, hand block printed and sewn by Henri Kuikens of Cape Town. This womans talent knows no bounds being an incredible illustrator too. Jesse is fascinated by overlaying blocks in different arrangements: what began as an exercise in pattern design has become an exhilarating exploration of colour, rhythm, and texture. Exploiting the versatility of block printing, single symmetrical motifs are combined in different arrangements to create an almost infinite number of unique designs.  Each design is named by the tastes (and smells) they evoke. Fabrics are sourced locally, and are cotton, linen, or hemp blends. Her relief prints are printed by hand, either by burnishing or on an old book press. These cushions are made in limited edition print runs, so these are very unique and special. Keep an eye on our blog for for new designs.

INK & SPINDLE : We are very excited to be stocking these beautiful products from Ink & Spindle. Hand-printed designs on ethically sourced textiles. They produce timeless designs that take inspiration from Australia’s flora and fauna. We were very attracted to their delicate designs and beautiful use of colour that will suit a variety of home styles. Ink & Spindle love working within the limitations of screen printing and hand printing, with all of their designs requiring only one or two colour separations. They use overprinting, screen flips and displacements to create beautiful results from only a single screen. Design is one great aspect, but these guys are also an environmentally conscious company operating within the following best practices (to name but a few): Use of sustainable, organic, fairtrade base textiles. Use of water based, solvent free inks. Offset carbon emissions through carbon neutral schemes.

JARAPA : These glasses are made from 100 % recycled glass made in Spain. They are robust in design making them suitable for all uses in the kitchen or at the table. The glasses are supplied by a Jarapa a low impact ethical company. 

KANTHA QUILTS : These wonderful 100% Cotton bed throws are printed with beautiful floral designs and then laboriously sewn through with the traditional Kantha stitch. Two pieces of fabric sewn together makes for a light weight throw. Made in India.

KAYOO : Kayoo are an environmentally sustainable company who work closely with artisans of Bali, Indonesia, who handcraft beautiful work through skills handed down through the generations. These artisans work from their family homes. Kayoo have developed a range of jewellery made from reclaimed Jakung fishing boats, which still bear the scraps of old paintwork. The silver is something else; such a weight of silver and all made with such a delicate hand. Very beautiful work. A percentage of the profits from the sale of Kayoo jewellery will go to SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society), a conservation charity that dedicates its time to saving the Organutan and their forest habitat.

KEEP LEAF : Keep Leaf’s collections are designed to help us all reduce landfill by promoting reusable, organic and sustainable products and materials to help store food and other items. Their aim is to reduce the amount of toxins and wastage going into landfill and soil, helping make the world a greener place for generations to come. Keep Leaf also currently work in partnership with Free the Children and have helped to build a school in Rajastan.

LA JEWELLERY : La Jewellery are firm believers in the SLOW fashion movement and all their items are lovingly created in rural workshops in the UK. They take pride in working in an environmentally conscious way and operate fairtrade practices with all their staff.Hand crafted in the UK. Made from Recycled Brass and Silver. Environmentally friendly – using Ecover Products, Organic lemon juice and Himalayan salt to clean. Silver, as well as other metals, is reclaimed from sources where it is a by-product of one of several other industrial processes. The metal is reclaimed, recycled and refined to be used by us and other businesses committed to the future.

MALIA DESIGNS : Malia designs offer disadvantaged people in Cambodia opportunities to build a sustainable future for themselves through economic means. They particularly work with fairtrade projects for people at risk of human trafficking and the disabled. They also work with fairtrade organisations that fight human trafficking across South East Asia, donating money and promoting the work of these projects. We love these bags: Recycled cement bags, recycled feed bags, why are they so appealing?! We love the lettering, the illustrations. Not knowing why we like them, we bought them anyway ! We hope you like them too. These are tough wearing bags, on their second life. They are lined with cotton fabric and have been machine and hand sewn by women who are themselves experiencing a new lease of life. Through your purchase of Malia Designs, you too can “Carry a Cause” and make a difference in the lives of women and children in Cambodia and around the world.

NKUKU : Nkuku specialise in eco friendly, fairly traded homeware and gifts. All their products are inspired by the traditional skills of artisans throughout the world. They combine contemporary design with age old traditions, natural materials and sustainable methods of production. Nkuku work to ensure age old traditions are handed on to future generations. The relationship between an artisan and a beautiful handmade piece creates a story and make each product not a mass market item, but an individually crafted piece. Nkuku passionately support fairtrade and consider the environment in everything they do, they work with natural and recycled materials through sustainable methods of production which shape the collections. Nkuku work with a wide variety of artisans from potters in India that empower women from disadvantaged backgrounds, to potters in Northern Vietnam, to projects that help supplement the income of farmers and their families; basket weaving in Southern India and sustainable Mango wood production for utensils and bowls. They use recycled metal and glass in their products. So many of these products look so beautiful, but when you have them in your hand are a delight in their obvious craftsmanship and care. Nkuku products are very tactile and pleasing to the senses; they represent some very talented artisans.

RETAP : These feel lovely in your hand; and have a beautiful shape. Designed to help you rethink water. Designed for reusing, for drinking tap water: ‘REfilling with TAP water’. Most of the damage to the environment with bottled water is the carbon heavy shipping of products all over the world, drinking tap water is the most environmentally friendly way of rehydrating. The bottles are made from borosilicate glass which is stronger than regular glass and is reusable. Made from sustainable sources. The lid is made from a BPA free plastic/rubber blend and comes in a range of colours. Retap have lids available in lots of different colours that can be bought separately. You can also upgrade your bottle by buying the Retap sleeve. Made from Polyester and Rubber there is also a handle, making it easier to carry.

SARI BARI : Sari Bari is a project that offers women who have either been involved in the human trafficking or sex trades, a chance to restore their dignity and experience making their own personal choices. Based in Kolkata, women are able to make sustained change to their lives by building their own business and supporting each other to remaining free from the exploits of their previous life. The name "Sari Bari" comes from two symbols. A sari is the traditional clothing worn by women in India. In India, a sari represents the essence of womanhood. The word bari mean "house or home" in the Bengali language. Each item is labelled by the woman who has made it.

TWEEDMILL : Tweedmill have been in operation for 40 years as a leading manufacturer of handmade, woven blankets and throws. They use traditional weaving techniques, woven in North Wales from the best quality yearns. Inspiration for their weaves comes from the surrounding land near the River Dee where they are situated. Made from 100% Pure new wool. British Made.