About Us | Potch | A Blend of Ethical, Fairtrade or Local

About Us


We are Imogen & Stewart, wife and husband team. We live in West Wales with our two girls and the one and only Hattie dog (as pictured). We have always wanted to work together and run our own business from home, and continue to support others through our work. So the idea of Potch came about....

'Potch' is derived from 'hotchpotch' a term for putting together a mixture of ideas. Our aim is to gather together a blend of ideas based around our interests in all things handcrafted, in traditional skills but also in good design. We will also blend into that our admiration of ethical, fairtrade and sustainable working practices and resources. The aim of Potch therefore is to bring these ideas together; products for you and your home, that give you ethical choices.

In the context of what we are doing here we understand fairtrade to be about ensuring all producers are of working age, that they are given fairer wages that lead them to maintaining a sustainable livelihood; one that allows those people to not only meet their daily economic, social & environmental well-being needs, but that also future proofs them from a return to poverty. That they are treated with respect and dignity by all parties involved. It also means to us, that the producers are able to understand the market they are working in, changes in trends, that they are adapt to this; building knowledge and skills and to be in charge of their own decisions. It also means we have a responsibility to be flexible to the lead times of artisans and groups, allowing for their changing needs during harvest times for example, to maintain good communications and to pay swiftly.

We are proud to be able to work with some fantastic partners enabling us to do this, from around the world and locally in the UK, working with organisations that import some beautiful products representing many different groups of makers as well as directly with a few artisans both here and abroad. We have picked out products that we hope will suit our european design tastes, but that cherish good workmanship, traditional skills, that are tactile and of course pleasing to the senses, but that have sound ethical credentials throughout. We will continue to develop this portfolio of ideas as we go along.

We believe as consumers we all have the power and that buying from sustainable sources will have lasting benefits to all of us in the world. We believe by buying well made products that are robust in design means we can all reduce wastage. 

This is Potch; a collection of ideas. We hope you like it.